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 All people deserve to feel accepted, needed, and included.

Many countries do inclusivity well, especially for their elderly, disabled and mentally ill.

In Canada, we know we can do it better. 


Bridge n Brighten was created to support those who are lonely, isolated or overwhelmed with increasing caregiving responsibilities. To address these needs, Bridge n Brighten offers friendly visiting, support and respite for families who have members with Autism, Dementia, disabilities, loneliness, long-term illness or challenges related to old age. Additionally, as we like to have long-term relationships, we offer end-of-life companionship.  

Bridge n Brighten is not a large home health care company. Essentially, we are a small team of personal attendants with expertise in several fields, such as social work, personal attendant work, personal service, child and youth service, estate planning, transition assistance, general support, and end of life companionship. 

Our small size has many benefits.  For example, there is no huge policy book that declines accessibility to clients.  Nor is there a large board of directors, so we can be agile in the changing environment we live in today.  In fact, we can customize every plan for every client and their family’s needs. 

Our passion is to end loneliness, support as many people as we can, and improve quality of life. 

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Our passion is to end loneliness and to help families and individuals improve their lives

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We service Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, and the surrounding area. We also service Woodstock and are moving into Southern Ontario. Our head office is in Waterloo, Ontario at 548 Red River Drive, Waterloo, Ontario. You can contact us at 519-505-1973 or email us at [email protected] 

Bridge n Brighten was founded in June of 2020, by Theresa Ullyot 

Our purpose is to improve the well-being of you, your loved one, and your family.

We do this in these two ways:

  • We help lonely people become more happy, hopeful and help them heal.
  • We help caregivers navigate the journey through logistical, relational, and other challenges related to their loved one’s care. We help create more time for caregivers to prioritize enjoying a positive relationship with their loved one.

We provide generally non-medical assistance and friendly visiting to people who are isolated and caregivers.  See our Friendly Visiting and other services here. 

 Our Objectives

  • To provide care, compassion, and practical assistance to people who are isolated in order to raise their quality of life and sense of wellbeing.
  • To provide helpful and reliable services, resources, and referrals to caregivers.
  • We provide friendly visits to anyone who is feeling lonely for any reason and requests our visits. 
 “Everyone needs human contact. Caregivers need some relief from the pressures of juggling too much. There are gaps in service and healthcare that are unavoidable.  Bridge n Brighten helps to fill some of the gaps and to bring more hope and happiness into people’s lives and into the community. “    
                                                                                                Theresa Ullyot, Owner and Founder

Bridge n Brighten

Dedicated to delivering warm, fun and friendly, reliable visits.

We want to hear from you. Let us know if there are gaps in your care and allow us to see if we can help or advocate for help. We are highly flexible and we aim to please. 


What people are saying about us

Testimonials and case studies

I hired Theresa to check in on my brother who lives alone. I was worried he would fall or have some kind of accident. Theresa bonded with him right away and she’s been so helpful!

Elaine, London Ontario

Bridge n Brighten was recommended to me by a friend when I lost my husband. I was terribly sad and my kids are grown up and have moved away now. The cold winters keep me inside most of the time, and days seem to drag on forever. My ‘friendly visitor’ is always cheerful, brings me little things to brighten my day, and asks me to tell stories about my younger years, which I love. I am so glad I called Bridge n Brighten, thank you!

Dorothy M, Waterloo, ON

Theresa has done wonders with our eldest daughter. She spends most of her time alone, as her anxiety keeps her from going outside. She always looks forward to the visits. It’s lovely to see our daughter coming out of her shell! Bruce and Shelley

Cambridge On

I called Bridge n Brighten when my mom’s health took a turn for the worst. I was stuck in Ottawa and couldn’t make it back to KW until the next day. Bridge n Brighten sent someone within a few hours to sit with mom, so she wouldn’t be alone. That really put my mind at ease. After that she spelled me off so I could sleep until my mom finally passed away. She was a God send.

Lionel K, Toronto, On