Vulnerable People and Safety - Learn more about the dangers of living alone.
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Vulnerable People and Safety

Extended Caregiving

Ensure Safety & Protection

Safety for older adults and vulnerable people

We safeguard your home and manage potential threats.

Your loved one may be more vulnerable than you realize. An audit will give you the chance to proactively keep them safe. 

The top 3 areas of greatest vulnerability for seniors and the disabled are:

  1. Financial crimes by strangers. (Scams and theft)
  2. Crime and abuse by relatives and caregivers. This includes physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and financial exploitation and neglect. Other forms of abuse by these folks are: isolating the senior from others or interfering with his or her participation in religious services. 
  3. Crime and abuse in institutional settings. There is a full range of abuse and, in particular, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as systemic abuse. Learn more here (


How many vulnerable people are harmed each year? 

The stats report about 10% in Canada per year on older adults alone, however, most are not reported. This is why proactive audits and installation of equipment, processes is a great way to protect your loved one. 


Security Guard in black and red uniform Standing outside a bungalow

What are the effects of the compromised safety of a loved one? 

  1. Your loved one living in constant fear. 
  2. Your loved one being harmed, injured or robbed. 
  3. Your loved one being uncared for and suffering the effects of neglect, physically and emotionally. 
  4. Your constant worry and inability to control or help stop the suspected abuse. 

How we can help: 

  • Check-ins for loved ones when caregivers need a break or are away.
  • Emergency contact and response.
  • Scheduling, advocacy, guidance and oversight of individuals entering the home (psw’s, other healthcare individuals, subcontractors)
  • Project management for disasters clean up or home emergencies
  • Installation of home security and safety cameras
  • Home safety assessment and home upgrades for Dementia/Alzheimer’s


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We will call you regularly, get you connected, loan you a tablet, work with you on building your circle of friends, and many other things. If you have an idea on how we can help, please ask. 

    • December 29, 2020