Check in Service - We check in on loved ones when you can't.

Extended Caregiving Through Check in Services

Check in Services

 CHeck-in Service in Kitchener, waterloo and surrounding areas

Your loved one's safety is a number one priority

Do you live outside of the Kitchener area? We can help insure your loved one in KW is safe and well

How we can help: 

  • Our in-person check in service for loved ones can be very helpful when caregivers need a break or are away. 
  • We can assist communication with your loved one through technology if you are away or don’t live nearby (We will set up Zoom or any platform to put you in touch).
  • Our check in services can include observing changes in behaviour, and early recognition of cognitive illnesses
  • We check in with those suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, and other difficult conditions. 
  • We are happy to pair our check in service with errands that your loved one may need help with. 
  • We can simply check for safety and wellbeing, or make a friendly visit as part of our check-ins.
  • We can report back to you, set up your loved one, record progress, help encourage him/her,  and other specific requests you may have. 
  • You can call us upon emergencies to check on someone immediately. 
  • We can meet your loved one at the hospital as a caregiver until you arrive. 
    We are trustworthy, have had police checks, reference checks and proven track records of trustability.

Yes, we also check in on pets

Check in services start from $20/ check-in and value packages are available. Contact us for a more information.


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We will call you regularly, get you connected, work with you on building your circle of friends, and many other things. If you have an idea on how we can help, please ask.