Bridge n Brighten, We assist with healthcare staffing to relieve caregivers

Caregiver Assistance

Staff to assist with loved one's healthcare

We have staff who assist with healthcare for your loved one

We help you get some relief. Our staff assist in scheduling, obtaining medicines, going to appointments and more

Physical Health for caregivers and their loved ones.

Caregivers and their dependant loved ones often find it challenging to keep up with all the tasks involved. Adding an extra person to help coordinate or support some of the healthcare activity can help to ensure that the loved one is getting all of the care they need and deserve. 

Caregivers often function in chronic stress, (caregiver burnout) which comprises their physical and psychological health. Depression and poor eating and digestion are some of the common negative effects of caregiving. In addition, caring for a person with dementia is extremely challenging, causing more severe health effects than other types of caregiving. Learn more here. 
 Caring for another’s physical health and wellbeing can be a full-time job! Sometimes other family members can help, but when they can’t, we can.
Young Lady Foot Massaging

Here’s what we can do to help.

  • Assist healthcare by adding a staff to help with your responsibilities.  
  • Arrange Personal Care – Coordinate professionals, and be present upon request- physio, massage, acupuncture, hair cut, nails, foot care. 
  •     Coaching vulnerable people on the concept and positive outcomes of self-care and creating a unique plan, monitoring it, and encouraging the steps.
  •     We can help obtain nursing care.
  •     We can be an exercise companion, and provide goal setting, tracking, and encouragement.
  •     We can set up reminders to take medication. 
  •    Wellness check-ins.
  •     Friendly visits and encouragement.

 Our prices start at $25/h for remote help and are adjusted according to the tasks required. 


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We are here to help improve the quality of life for the lonely, the suffering, and their caregivers. We have a unique personal approach and we are delighted to make a difference in your life when you need it most.