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Senior Care - Support
and Friendly Visits

Loneliness can be kept at bay though added personal support

Prevent loneliness in a loved one by using our senior support service and help prevent disease and cognitive decline.

We offer senior support for those who are lonely, isolated, have dementia, or Alzheimer’s and may other conditions that leave them isolated.

Studies have shown that a lack of social and emotional engagement accelerates declining physical health and lowers overall quality of life. Our support and visiting program helps protect against rising chances of dementia, and we can report any signs of cognitive decline if you don’t see your loved one as often. Early diagnosis of a cognitive disease is key to helping stop or slowing the process. 

 During periods of isolation, people’s brains tend to spend more time using and overusing parts of the brain that’s used for long term memory, the imagination of the future or imagining social interactions that are not really happening. This overuse over a long period of time changes the structure of the brain. This is how, according to a researcher, Bzdok, (read more about it here)  research has shown that loneliness in older people can put them at greater risk of cognitive decline and dementia. 

Dementia is expected to increase by 68% within the next 20 years in Canada. (read more here)

If loneliness is a major contributor (it doubles the risk of developing dementia), then it’s a good plan to proactively make sure you or your loved one doesn’t get caught in chronic loneliness. 

At Bridge and Brighten, we specialize in senior or non-seniour support and visits, assuring your loved one an interesting, encouraging and uplifting experience at every visit. We want you to look forward to our next visit. Everyone is different, so we will be sure to adapt to provide/share experiences that are tailored to you, your needs and your personality. 

friendly visiting
Here’s how we can help:
  • Friendly visiting
  • Travel planning and packing. 
  • Support with event planning and info about local social events. 
  • Facilitation of virtual meetings with loved ones and friends. 
  • Art and craft support and facilitation.
  • Arrange for music lessons and singing. 
  • Legacy story and photography publishing.

We want you to feel our authentic care, interest and respect for you and your loved one. 


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We will call you regularly, get you connected, loan you a tablet, work with you on building your circle of friends, and many other things. If you have an idea on how we can help, please ask.