Bridge n Brighten, We help with transitions to long term care

We assist you and your loved one when its time to Transition to long term care

We can Help Transition to Long Term Care

The transition t0 long term care is complex

We help you manage the transition of a loved one into long term care

Transitions due to declining health can be very painful and overwhelming. It can creep up unexpectedly. Suddenly the patient and loved ones need to make difficult decisions. These decisions are difficult, and a lot of information is necessary. 

Let us do the legwork, save time, and be more efficient this way. We help you make the best decisions without duress. 

Some questions from caregivers:

  • What resources are available and how do I access them? 
  • Does my loved one qualify for extra help? 
  • How do I choose the best long term care for my loved one?
  • How can I help my loved one when I am not nearby?
  • What paperwork do I need?
There are many agencies, health care companies, things to do, choices to be made. How can you prioritize? Who can you trust?

If you want to get the most important information, and take the route with the least hassle, start with an expert from our team. And know that you are not alone in making these big decisions.

Woman getting guidance and support

What we can do to help:

  • Assistance, research and guidance in choosing care at home, moving to a retirement home or long term care facility.
  • Concierge and respite care to give caregivers a break. Emergency or last-minute service is available. 
  • Friendly Visiting throughout transition
  • Estate and legacy planning.
  • End of life planning and provision of companionship


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We are here to help improve the quality of life for the lonely, the suffering, and their caregivers. We have a unique personal approach and we are delighted to make a difference in your life when you need it most.