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A Unique Holiday Giving 

Connection Gifting

A Gift to ward off loneliness is a powerful way to say, “You are loved


Give the gift to a loved one who is lonely, grieving, bored, or a caregiver who is overwhelmed, or anyone you choose. Or, choose to care for a person in our community who badly needs connection. We will work with local agencies to identify the ideal recipient.

Gift boxes in different colors
Gift boxes in different colors


It’s unique, convenient and will improve someone’s life. It potentially will improve the health of the recipient, since loneliness has been linked to higher risk of many diseases. We customize all of our client services, so leave the details to us.


You can use this gift any time in the next year. This is a gift that can be experienced once a week, when needed, or every day. It’s very meaningful and memorable

Gift boxes in different colors
Gift boxes in different colors


We will go to the recipient’s home or where the caregiver needs us most.

What: Giving a connection, in the form of

Friendly visiting
with COVID19 friendly practices in place.
A tablet with 5G of data and online/remote support
Support hours for a caregiver, so he/she can take a rest
Wellbeing and safety check-ins for loved ones living alone
Online coaching for hobbies or brain games
The gift of connection will be helpful and appreciated every day, week or when necessary.
For a stressed out caregiver, or someone painfully alone, it’s like giving them an angel when they really need it.

Gift boxes in different colors

This is a holiday gift great idea for

  • Families who pitch in together and buy for an older parent, or relative.
  • Concerned friends can pitch in and buy for a friend.
  • People who live out of town and want to be sure their older parents are well.
  • Local workplaces, people who care about ending loneliness 
  • purchase any amount of time and we will collect it until we have enough for one person’s gift.
  • People who have been lonely before, and can afford to support this in your community.