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We contribute to emotional and mental wellness

Friendly Visiting

Friendly Visiting services improve life and ward off illness

Concerned about a lonely loved one?
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Friendly Visiting Helps Combat Dementia

We are extraordinary people who pamper and cheer up caregivers and their care recipients.

Loneliness poorly effects your health

Friendly Visiting and Companionship

Connecting with people can speed up recovery, strengthen your mind, and nurture your spirit.



We offer friendly visits, check-ins for absent caregivers,  and practical assistance visits.



We exercise with you, socialize with you, give you encouragement, and cheer you up. 

Added support


Reach out and get some reliable help. Our personal attendants step in when you need a rest or need help. Short notice or planned. 

Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Woodstock & surrounding areas

Friendly Visiting
Caregiver Support

Personal attendants who care so much, you'll want to consider them part of the family.

explore Custom extended caregiving

Home health care may not be enough help.



We will cheer you up, brighten your life, or just be with you quietly. We bring peace, comfort, and encouragement.



You or your loved one won’t have to be alone all the time. Caregiving can be isolating too. We can share your duties.



We can help you navigate the healthcare system, long-term care choices, or the complex logistics of appointments and medications. 



We help secure the safety of your loved one, being there when you can't. We let you know if we observe something you'd want to know

Young lady and old woman sitting together reading a book
We are not a home health care company.
We are a boutique extended care team you can trust. 

What our clients are saying

Testimonials and Stories

I hired Theresa to check in on my brother. I worried about him falling or having an accident. Theresa bonded with my brother right off the bat and she’s been so helpful! He always talks excitedly about her visits.

Elaine, Kitchener, ON

Bridge n Brighten was recommended to me by a friend when I lost my husband. The days seemed to drag on forever without him. My ‘friendly visitor helped a lot. She's always cheerful, brighten's my day. I am so glad I called Bridge n Brighten, thank you!

Dorothy M, Waterloo, ON

Theresa has done wonders with our eldest daughter. She spends most of her time alone, as her anxiety causes her grief and she isn’t comfortable going outside. She always looks forward to the visits with Theresa. It’s lovely to see our daughter coming out of her shell!

Bruce and Shelley, Cambridge On

I called Bridge n Brighten when my mom’s health took a turn for the worst, and I couldn't make it back to KW until the next day. Bridge n Brighten went to sit with mom, so she wouldn’t be alone. That really put my mind at ease. She was a God-send.

Lionel K, Kitchener, On


Everyone deserves, dignity, respect and care

We aim to improve quality of life,  to adapt continuously, and to bring support, energetic life, peace to the community of the isolated and their caregivers. 


your quality of life

We want to improve the health of you or your loved-one by adding more social interactions,  hope, unconditional positive regard, and added personal care.

Overcoming Barriers To

your wellbeing

Everyone needs to be part of a community. However,  various challenges may leave you out and alone. Our visits aim to bring more enjoyment of life, purpose and belonging to your sense of self.


your unique personality

We believe that everyone is  precious and acceptable. No one should be alone for long periods of time. Those who are living lonely and hopeless deserve much more. 

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