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Steps for our service

Step 1

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Step 2

We bring you the tablet. We set it up, and download the apps and tools you need.

Step 3 - Tutorial

We show you clearly how to use it, and we keep it simple. We ensure you are able to use it and are happy with it.

-This is a full end-to-end service offered in order to save you time, hassles,confusion and frustration.
-We have already researched and found a program that is the same or less that an individual contract you would make independently.
-The Tablet is a Samsung A8 with 5G data per month on loan from Bridge n Brighten.
-The tablet is fully protected, in a safety cover and screen protector.
-The tablet is fully insured for (enter info here)
-There’s a simple easy agreement, no long-term contract
-The tablet is returnable with 30 days notice, and we come and pick it up. The data plan will be cancelled at that time.
-There is no credit check required
-You do not have to expense the cost of the tablet over several years as part of your monthly cost, because the tablet is on loan.

-If you need support,you can contact us, not a big uncaring conglomerate and be put on hold for long periods of time
-You can trust us. There is no small print, unexpected charges, or loop holes.
-You wil have a consistent speed for your streaming (some companies slow your speed as you use your data)
-I will call you if you’re going over your data so there will never be a huge unexpected bill.

We monitor the amount of data you use and let you know if you’re coming close to going over your limit.

We pick it up if you do not want to use it anymore.

You should know:
The insurance covers wear and tear, etc. If the tablet goes missing, you are responsible for paying to replace it.
You will be charged for overage on data.
You must return the tablet if you cancel the data plan.

Samsung Galaxy Tab