Bridge n Brighten, Tablet Page - Ward off loneliness.

Be close, even if you are far 

A tablet will help you connect a loved one.

Borrow or Buy a Tablet

We deliver it

We bring you the tablet to you at your home. Or, we can mail it.

Apps and tools

We can remotely help you set it up, if you request help.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

We ensure

We check in with you. We want to make sure you are happy with it.

We monitor data

We will ensure you have enough data and it's fast and reliable with no hassles.

Small kid using a tablet

For the month of January, the tablet is available for $350 + HST including a Spigen protective case and screen protector.  

To get started, simply contact us. 

What's the cost to borrow a tablet?

Get the tablet with 5G data/month  – 95.00 + HST per month
Get the tablet without data -$30.00 + HST per month

What does this service include?

Man using a tablet
Lady seriously working on a tab

What else should I know?