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Help is at your finger tips

We have created this page to share helpful resources and things you may be interested in. Please let us know if there are other resources you’d like us to find for you and post here. 

How to use Zoom

Zoom has become very popular since COVID19 has made it impossible to see many of your contacts in person. Zoom is a great resource for keeping in touch with your friends, your family, your grandkids, and many other contacts you may have. If you’re having trouble learning Zoom, call us, we will walk you through it. 

YouTube app on Laptop

How to find out anything you want

How to find out anything you want, and learn it in a video. Youtube is a wonderful way to learn all kinds of interesting things, and things you need to know right away. Youtube can be very entertaining as well.

You can save videos you like, create lists of videos to go back to, make comments, and more. You can search for the music you like. You can even record and edit your own video. If you’re interested in learning, we have a coach. Contact us and you’ll be on  Youtube before you know it! 

Here’s our Youtube page.

Here’s a good way to start on Youtube. Click on the link and when you land on the page, use the search box to write your question. If you can find anything, try asking your question in a different way, possibly with fewer words. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Here are some chat tool options

Chat apps are chat tool that you can download onto your phone, tablet, or even computer. They can be used to connect with my family and friends. You can share photos, links, fun emojis (little symbols and characters). Choose a chat tool that the person who you are connecting with is using.

Here are the most popular options. Choose your favorite and let people know you prefer that particular chat tool. We prefer What’s App because it has end to end encryption. (it’s private and the people who own What’s App cannot see what you type). 

Want some help getting started? Give us a call!


This is encrypted, easy to use, and allows you to connect with anyone who you've got in your phone contacts. You can set this app to show you are here, or away.


Facebook Messenger is now called just Messenger. It is fun to chat here because it's easy to move your favourite articles and cat pictures to by choosing messenger to send and then choose your friend or family member. Most people who have Facebook have a messenger app, so it's great to make a quick connection. If your grandchild has an I-phone and you have a Samsung, you can ask them to chat via Facebook Messenger, or What's App..

Image of a man using smartphone


Viber is another great chat tool. It claims to be encrypted, be easy to use, and that many people around the world use it. We don't know any of them, but they probably do exist. Feel free to give it a try and let us know how it goes.


Line is a great chat tool, as it's a fresh change from the regular ones. Many people in Asia and Europe use Line. It works a lot like What's app. WHoever is in your phone contacts will synch automatically if they have Line also. We like the cute emojis and free downloads of theme packs. If you want guidance finding these, give us a call!

What is “The Cloud” and how is it going to help me?

This is a great video explaining “The Cloud”. It probably sounds pretty scary if you’ve never used it or heard of it before. Nothing to worry about though, it’s all about making life easier for you! Enjoy this video and if you have questions, call us!


How to manage your passwords

New studies show that in Canada the average person has 70-80 passwords. On top of that, passwords are becoming more complicated due to the need to make them more secure. 

And then, there’s the issue of, how to remember them all! No sweat, watch this video, and if you need some help deciding who to create your system, give u a call!